Phase I

Brewing the idea
Creation of 9999 Unique Digital Arts
Website Development
Social Media Campaigns
Website Launch
Contests & Giveaways

Phase II

Pre-Sale of 2222 NFTs
Release Of Merchandise
Deployment of VR Website
Minting of 7777 NFTs
Secondary Market Sales
Deployment of NFT Staking Contract


Phase III

Introduction to Community wallet
Introduction of Tokenomics
Implementation of DAO
Airdrop of 3D Avatar

Phase IV

Roadmap 2.0




Lory is building the coolest NFT community in the world and he needs help.
If you like our project and think that what we are doing in fresh and interesting, help us build. Be a Caffeinator!

Benefits of a Caffeinator:

  • Exclusive NFTs for Caffeinator (free minting)
  • 0.5% of the total supply of tokens will be distributed among the Caffeinators.
  • Exclusive Discord channel for the Caffeinators to interact with the team
  • Opportunities in upcoming projects

Role of a Caffeinator:

  • Help Cafe Loris grow it’s community and reach
  • NFTs enthusiasts around the world.
  • Connect and interact with fellow Caffeinators and Cafe Loris Team members
  • Like, Comment, share the posts from Cafe Loris
  • Create and share original content about Cafe Loris



Dipanjan Dutta

Founder | Head of  Operations

Amitabha Ghosh

Co-Founder | Business Devlopment

Subhankar Ghosh

Co- Founder | Content & Communication

Rupak Raj Barman

Co-Founder | Community Management

Chiranjib Mukherjee

Front End React Developer

Rittick Ghosh 

Full Stack Developer

Suman Sarkar

Web Developer

Ashish Mishra


Frequently Asked Question

What is a LORIS?

Minted on the SOLANA Blockchain, LORIS’ are unique NFT characters.Each LORIS is a digital art representing the various visitors of Cafe Loris, each having their own unique characteristics. There will be a total of 9999 lorises to be minted on our platform, each unique in their own way.

How can I acquire a LORIS?

There will be a Fair Launch and one has to hold $SOL in their wallet in order to participate. Investors can also take part in our pre-sale and be an early member of Cafe Loris. 

What will be the minting price ?

The minting price will be decided by our community. Please note that the price may vary with market fluctuations and we will keep the community posted of such changes as we approach the mint day.

Will there be a community fund?

Yes, there will be a community fund and we are going to give back 5% of the revenue to the community. Cafe Loris will always take the community’s feedback on the direction of expenditure. Not only that, 50% of the royalty will be donated back to the community.

How will the royalty be calculated?

5% of the royalty will be distributed to the community but eventually, DAO will finalize the actual percentage.

Why should one invest in cafe loris

Our main goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem in the metaverse, where NFT holders can hang out in their “Loris” avatar. In Cafe Loris, an individual will be able to interact and exchange ideas, NFTs, accessories, and do much more. With the metaverse narrative gaining momentum in recent times, we believe Cafe Loris will be the place to be in.

Is there any limit for buying a loris?

Individuals can only mint 2 LORIS per transaction, an individual can mint any number of LORIS from our gallery of 9999 unique NFT characters.